Training Advice

Please note these hints & tips are for general guidance only and designed for those of moderate fitness and overall good health. They should be tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses.

If you are starting a fitness regime for the first time or have not been physically active for a period of time and/or if you are in any doubt about your general health and fitness you should seek Medical Advice before commencing your training programme.
The whole idea with training for the triathlon is to get a balanced programme which is realistic given your available free time while also concentrating on your weakest link. Everyone, regardless of their fitness level will straightaway be able to guess what their weak link between the Swim, Bike or Run of the triathlon is. While each personal schedule will be unique, the temptation will be to put too much of your training time into the discipline or disciplines which you find easiest.

Regardless of the following programme, so long as you are able to achieve the distance in each discipline separately before the big day, you will finish.

In fact, one can argue that as long as you are capable of finishing the 750m swim, even if you have to walk the run, you’ll finish! But don’t forget – if you sign up for all 3 disciplines, you’ll be participating for an hour and a half or more in all, with the cycle being the largest chunk of this for most.

There’s plenty of training programmes available online that can get you Triathlon Fit from whatever level you’re currently at. The ones we like best are:

Provides 16 and 20 week plans. You can opt for a neutral programme which places an equal emphasis on each of the disciplines or you can tailor your plan to address a specific area of concern.

Provides 10 week beginner and intermediate plans. Be aware that this is a US based site so you’ll have some conversion to do from miles and yards

Provides a 16 week total beginners plan. It’s based on time rather than distance and builds gradually from a starting point of 4 hours training per week.

We’ve also included our own programme below which some of you of moderate fitness might like to follow. It’s been bench-tested by some of the committee so we can honestly say that it’ll bring you safely over the line. ‘tho we’re not underwriting any record times!

This is a general schedule for someone of moderate fitness to prepare over less than three months – typically ten weeks to a little ahead of the event. Think positive – you can do it – but be realistic and safe.

The Swim

The swim will take place in beautiful Brittas Bay, a popular spot off the coast of County Wicklow, the Garden County of Ireland. From a beach start swimmers will travel out, round a buoy, swim parallel to shore and in to land. The total distance is 1.5km, the full international standard distance.

The swimmers will then leave the water and proceed across the beach, through the shower station (kindly operated by Wicklow Fire Brigade), to the Transition Area. Team swimmers will “hand-over” to their cycling colleagues and individuals will don running shoes/ kit and exit the Transition Area.

A combination of the Garda Sub-Aqua Unit and County Council lifeguards will be monitoring the swim and to facilitate their work and increase swimmer safety, we would ask anyone who is anxious about their sea swim to wear a white cap.

The instructions of all Gardaí, Lifeguards and Marshals and other event officials should be followed at all times. Failure to observe such instructions will lead to immediate disqualification.

Note: If sea conditions are deemed unsafe by the Safety Officer (a rare occurrence), swimmers will run a 2 km beach run instead. So bring your runners just in case !

The Cycle

The cycle involves a single a circuit travelling from the Car Park/ Base Area out to the main N11, South towards Arklow, off the N11 at the Arklow exit, and back onto and along the coast road. Particular care should be taken when emerging from the side road onto the main road. Marshalls/ Gardai will be there to assist you with a safe turn.

The cycle route is predominantly flat with a good road surface. Water Stations will be positioned throughout the route.

The instructions of all Gardai and Marshalls and other event officials should be followed at all times. Failure to observe such instructions will lead to immediate disqualification.

The cycle discipline terminates back at the Transition Area. Team cyclists will “hand-over” to their running colleagues.

Please note the separate entry/exit for runners –



Bike in good repair
Bicycle pump, with suitable spare connector
Spare tubes/ cycle repair kit etc.
Singlet and other gear
Cycling shoes (for extra comfort)
Cycle helmet – mandatory – good quality recommended
Water bottle

The Run

Runners depart the Transition Area by a separate exit from that used by cyclists, taking a left turn away from returning cyclists and following the coast road.

The run is and “out and back” along the pleasant coast road and in the main quite flat but there are a number of challenging slopes!!

Your route will be clearly marked as will each km and watering stations will be positioned along the way.

The finish line is back in the main car park – entering through the main gate

The instructions of all Gardai and Marshalls and other event officials should be followed at all times. Failure to observe such instructions will lead to immediate disqualification.

Running gear
Comfortable, supportive running shoes