Hints & Tips

Vaseline (prevents chaffing and aids insulation).

Sun cream (hope we’ll need it – absolutely essential if it is sunny and even if not, a good idea).

Talcum powder (useful for speedy entry to running shoes, or example).

Energy food/drinks, if you use them.

Please note that the Swim start location is over 1 km from the Transition Area. All swimmers will be required to walk this distance down the beach to the swim gate.

Swim caps help to reduce heat loss through the head (athletes may wish to wear a second cap beneath the competition cap to enhance this “insulation effect”).


If in doubt about anything, please only ask.

Garda, Civil Defence, Lifeguard, Marshal and event official instructions must be followed at all times.

Please ensure that you are fit for the event on the day and that any relevant illnesses or conditions are made known clearly in advance to the organisers.

Please allow yourself enough time to reach the event comfortably to warm up as required – for everyone’s sake, DO NOT swim (especially), run or cycle “cold”.

If you are an anxious sea swimmer, please wear a white cap in the water; seasoned swimmers are asked to avoid wearing a white cap as this will draw unnecessary attention from the safety officials.

Cyclists, please ensure you are wearing a helmet before leaving the Transition Area.

Runners and Cyclists share the same stretch of road at the end of the cycle route – PLEASE TAKE CARE!