Individual competitors take on all three legs of the race – swim, bike and run. This year sees the return of the Sprint Distance, particularly popular with newcomers. More details on race distances available on the “How do I get involved?” page.

Individuals are asked to pay a compulsory registration fee of €150 but we encourage you to reach your fundraising goal of €250.

Just fill out the form below to complete your registration. You will receive a confirmation email to finalise your registration.

– Note – 

If you would like to donate to all five charities please select ‘Sporting Proud’ in the donation section below.


  • Disclaimer

    All entrants in the Triathlon take part at their own risk and, in so far as permitted by law, neither the organisers, sponsors nor beneficiaries of the Triathlon shall in any way be liable or responsible for any injury or ill health, howsoever caused, nor shall they or any of them be liable for any loss, theft of or damage to personal property arising prior to, in the course of or during the holding of, or subsequent to, the Triathlon or any associated event, or in any activity relating to participation in the Triathlon or any associated event.
  • Sporting Proud asks participants for a non-refundable donation of €150 for individual entrants and a raising goal of €250 or more.
    Permission to send you emails regarding Sporting Proud, our charities, the event and fundraising.
  • Price: 150,00€
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