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Triathlon Results 2018

A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the Sporting Proud Triathlon 2018. Access to the results of the 1st of September 2018 Race.

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Sporting Proud 2018 Photos

Months of intense training, hard work, and just like that, it’s all over again for another year!
This year, Sporting Proud saw 230 triathletes swim, cycle and run to the finish line in aid of our 5 amazing charities 💪 We had over 150 supporters cheering on our triathletes every step of the way, and lets not forget the brilliant 30 team members running the whole show behind the scenes 👏 We are so thankful to each and every person who made this year so memorable.
Check out some of the highlights! 🚴



Sporting Proud 2017 Photos

It rained, it hailed, it drizzled, but none of this stopped our fantastic group of 2017 athletes. Catch some pictures of them doing battle with the weather over on our Facebook 🙂




Registration is now open!

Registration is officially open for the 2018 Sporting Proud Triathlon!!

You can easily register, donate and find all the information and training tips you will need to take on this years race. This years event takes place on September 1st, Brittas Bay, Co.Wicklow.

This is the 22nd year of the Sporting Proud Triathlon and with a hefty 1.7 million euro raised so far, we hope this year we can go above and beyond our targets for our four amazing charities. This year we are supporting St. Catherine’s Association, LauraLynn, Solas, Jigsaw, SBHI & Orbis Ireland.

Hope to see you all at the starting line!

Event Course Map

Brittas Bay is one of the finest beaches on the East Coast. Brittas Bay has a 5km stretch of beautiful white sand dunes and is the location for this years race.

2018 will be the 22nd year of Sporting Proud have held the triathlon on this beautiful coast line. Check out the race course map below.



Triathlon Running #ProTips

Three Important training tips to improve your triathlon run:

1. Increase your running gradually. Remember that it takes time to build strength in muscles around the foot. 

2. Cushioning your feet is important, so wear the right footwear. 

3. Think of your distance. If you’re doing a long event, bear in mind that after a couple of hours the training benefit tappers off and the chance of injury increases, so plan your sessions wisely. 

Race results 2016

Access to the results from 3rd of September 2016 Sporting Proud Olympic Race.