Create A Personal Page

The most successful competitors use their network of social contacts to maximize the success of their fundraising efforts. Start off by setting up your own fundraising page  at iDonate and link to the Sporting Proud event. Add a photo, the reason you are participating and your own personal flair and creativity!

Get The Word Out

Sending an email from your Personal Page is the easiest and most effective way to fundraise. And don’t forget to ask your contacts to forward the email to everyone they know.

Include a link to your personal page in your email signature. Post a note or link to your page on Facebook page, Tweet your fundraising progress and take time to explain the importance of it so your friends.

Follow Sporting Proud on Social Media and like, post and retweet!

Reach Out To Businesses

Reach out to local businesses, your own place of employment– this is a great way to meet your sponsorship goals! Charitable receipts are available, plus business can gain visibility as a result of their charitable efforts.

• Ask if they will match what you raise or make a contribution.
• Could they publicize your efforts in the company newsletter?
• If there are other participants at work, will they sponsor a corporate team?
• Get creative with the role your work could play in your fundraising.

Send an email or inter-office memo (be sure to get permission first) or ask if you can make a presentation during a staff meeting. Print out a copy of your personal fundraising page and post it along with offline donation forms in your cubicle or on your office door. Get creative!